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Goldman Sachs: China's small electrical power tools are at the top of the US taxation potential target

Goldman Sachs: China's small electrical power tools are at the top of the US taxation potential target

Industry Trends
2019/01/31 15:31
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Economist Jan Hatzius and his team predicted in a report on Thursday that the Trump administration will announce tariffs on Chinese imports in the coming weeks, which may limit Chinese companies' investment in the US and the export of intellectual property to China.

Although it is unclear which specific products will be affected by tariffs, Goldman Sachs believes that the White House will use several different criteria to make decisions, including bilateral trade balances in product categories, tariff rate differences, and imports from China into the US. Consumption rather than the proportion of downstream production, and so on.
Economist Jan Hatzius and his team predicted in a report on Thursday that the Trump administration will announce tariffs on Chinese imports in the coming weeks, which may limit Chinese companies' investment in the US and the export of intellectual property to China.
Although it is unclear which specific products will be affected by tariffs, Goldman Sachs believes that the White House will use several different criteria to make decisions, including bilateral trade balances in product categories, tariff rate differences, and imports from China into the US. Consumption rather than the proportion of downstream production, and so on.
Whether the industry is included in the "Made in China 2025" plan may also be a consideration. Goldman Sachs believes that small appliances and power tools are at the top of the potential target of tariffs in the United States, based on factors such as the serious bilateral trade deficit in the field.
Sporting goods, toys, jewellery and consumer electronics, including televisions, are also highly likely, and aviation and marine navigation equipment, railway equipment and ships, as well as furniture and household appliances, are relatively less likely to be taxed.