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Sales of power tools drive the bearing industry to show an upward trend

Sales of power tools drive the bearing industry to show an upward trend

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2019/01/31 15:38
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Power tools are one of the eight pillar industries in Yongkang. In recent years, due to the severe international economic situation, domestic and international sales of the power tool industry were once affected. However, after active self-help and independent innovation of enterprises and enterprises, the industry gradually recovered. The booming development has led to the rapid development of the bearing industry.
Power tools are one of the eight pillar industries in Yongkang. In recent years, due to the severe international economic situation, domestic and international sales of the power tool industry were once affected. However, after active self-help and independent innovation of enterprises and enterprises, the industry gradually recovered. The booming development has led to the rapid development of the bearing industry.
As the country's largest professional trading market for hardware products, China Science and Technology Hardware City accounts for a large share of overall market sales. It can be understood that although the bearing is a small accessory in the main frame, it is like the core of the power tool, and its role can be said to be important. The performance of the host product is good or bad, and the quality of the bearing occupies an extremely important position. For this reason, as the quality of products increases, the demand for branded bearing products is becoming more and more obvious. Due to the clearer requirements of the reliability and stability of the bearings, as well as the improvement of the management concept and development concept of the mainframe industry, and the cultivation of their own well-known brands and brands, the market demand is more inclined to excellent bearing brands and excellent Bearing company. .
With the development of the market, users have higher and higher requirements for the accuracy, performance, life and variety of bearing products. They are dissatisfied with the requirements of universal bearings and turn to high-precision, low-noise, long-life products. demand. “Although the development of the bearing industry has increased, compared with the strength of the world bearing industry, there is still a big gap in the industry, which is mainly reflected in the high precision, high-tech and high value-added ratio. Bearing products. Said that our demand for high-quality bearings depends on imports. “Mr. Li, the bearing seller of Jindu Market, said that the bearing industry is not enough.
Today, many bearing companies have improved the technical level, reliability and stability of the bearing industry through a series of independent innovation reforms. In the future sales process, important major supporting markets will still be controlled. Under the influence of domestic demand slowdown, some power tool bearing market will turn to domestic enterprises, while imported bearings will decline.
This year can be said to be a year in which the development opportunities and pressures of the bearing industry coexist. From the perspective of the domestic market, the increase in economic operational uncertainty last year brought new challenges to the bearing industry and brought new opportunities. China will continue to increase its investment in infrastructure. Bearing-related industries such as steel, automobiles and household appliances are also facing new development opportunities. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, the development of the automotive industry has also driven the development of automotive bearings. The demand for bearings will grow steadily in the future, and the bearing industry will usher in a period of continuous development. Many bearing sellers in Hardware City should firmly grasp the current opportunities and rely on the powerful radiation of the hardware city platform to seize the domestic and international markets with more complete varieties, more quality and more competitive prices, and further improve bearing quality. market share.
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