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Dynamic Analysis of the Development of China's Hardware Tools Industry

Dynamic Analysis of the Development of China's Hardware Tools Industry

Industry Trends
2019/01/31 15:39
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In the next few years, domestic construction hardware tools will move towards an intelligent and humane development path. Luo Baihui believes that the international hardware market dynamics, developed countries have accelerated the transfer of medium and low-end products to the third world, developed countries will shift the middle and low-end products to the third world due to the rapid development of production technology and the impact of labor costs, in Europe and the United States The design of construction hardware products in developed countries is mainly for easy installation and maintenance. 
In the next few years, domestic construction hardware tools will move towards an intelligent and humane development path. Luo Baihui believes that the international hardware market dynamics, developed countries have accelerated the transfer of medium and low-end products to the third world, developed countries will shift the middle and low-end products to the third world due to the rapid development of production technology and the impact of labor costs, in Europe and the United States The design of construction hardware products in developed countries is mainly for easy installation and maintenance. Only some high value-added products are produced. The products become the new favorite in the hardware market. In recent years, the products and tools that can be assembled by themselves have been well received by the market. According to the current international hardware market, developed countries such as Europe and the United States have turned their universal products into production in developing countries due to the rapid development of production technology and the rise of labor prices, and only produce high value-added products. China has a strong market potential, so it is more favorable to develop into a hardware processing exporting country.
China's hand tool product category sleeve is a large export, hand tool combination, gardening tools, wrenches ranked in the top four, the pliers ranked fifth. From the perspective of foreign trade countries, the United States ranked first, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. In the manual tool market, the demand for hand tools in the US market has stabilized. At the same time that the size of new homes in the housing market in the United States increased at the end of last year, there are still a large number of existing homes uninhabited, which brings great opportunities for housing renovation. The average model and age of motor vehicles are getting bigger and bigger, which has promoted the sales of hand tools in the aftermarket. The demand for forging tools for electronic product distribution is strong, especially for adjustable wrenches; the demand for German hand tools has increased, and in Germany, the most comfortable and labor-saving tools are the most popular. The smooth handles and aesthetic appearance that help grip the tool are important factors that appeal to their purchase. In terms of the types of tools, power tools are now increasingly popular. Cordless tools are also becoming more popular. The new rechargeable tools currently on the market have multiple rechargeable battery jacks that can be used in various environments. The Taiwanese hand tool industry adjusts the product structure. The hand tools industry in Taiwan is stable in terms of product quality, on time delivery, and complete product range. Can meet the needs of customers, has certain advantages in the world. Moreover, the sales of hand tools in Taiwan are mainly based on the overseas market. At present, there are about 5,000 local manufacturers, mostly distributed in the central part of Taiwan Island, mainly to small and medium-sized enterprises.
At present, it is the stage of upgrading and upgrading of China's hardware and tools products, from the low-end to the high-end products. This is very beneficial to the development of China's hardware industry. In the process of transferring foreign products to the domestic market, some advanced production processes and management models including raw materials will be brought together.